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Richard Corben - Den
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Den 1: Neverwhere (Collects Heavy Metal No. 3-13, 1977–1978)
Fantagor Press, 1991, 108 pages (this edition)

Den 2: Muvovum (Collects Heavy Metal No. 54-72, 1981–1983)
Fantagor Press, 1991, 103 pages (this edition)

Den 3: Children of Fire (Collects Children of Fire No. 1-3, 1987–1988)
Fantagor Press, 1991, 77 pages 

Den - Fantastic Adventures, No. 1-10, 1988–1989, collected in...

Den 4: Dreams (this torrent contains issues 1-5, not the trade paperback)
Fantagor Press, 1988-1989, 32 pages each

Den 5: Elements (this torrent contains issues 6-10, not the trade paperback) 
Fantagor Press, 1989, 32 pages each

DenSaga No. 1-4
Fantagor Press, 1992–1994, 30-34 pages each

Den is Written and Illustrated by Richard Corben

Den - Fantastic Adventures and DenSaga contain some contributions from a few other people, as well. Jan Strnad, of course, is one of them.

Den has an extensive and well-written Wiki page that can tell you all you need to know about this character if you're not already familiar with him.

Caveat: You either like Richard Corben's art, or you don't. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it doesn't scan very well (and that's nearly every scan of every Corben book I've ever seen digitized). The first half of Den 1 looks particularly rough, so if this is your first experience with Den, don't give up until you've reached page 60 or so.

Anyway, here's approximately 730 pages of Richard Corben's Den. Hope you enjoy. 


Stupid dashes not being recognized by TPB interface. So frustrating.
Always loved Corben! Thanks so much for this!
You're most welcome Mothra67. I wish some of the scans were better. If I ever run across some higher quality scans, or get around to scanning some of them myself, I'll do a re-up on this one. Be sure to click on the Richard Corben tag above if you haven't. Leads to a ton of Corben stuff that has already been uploaded.
I discovered "Den" in a Waldenbooks when I was 9. It was the first comic book I ever read that wasn't Beagle Boys or Richie Rich. My mind was warped for life. Thanks for the upload.
More Corben goodness!!

Thanks a lot for the ul.

May you live long and prosper! :-)
I found viewing with ComicRack really satisfying; bright colors, good reproduction. Thanx.
Too bad Corben retreated from the frank enthusiasm of the Heavy Metal Den but I guess he likes making a buck as much as the rest of us and at that time blatant sexuality restricted his audience. Still, the guy is awesome!