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Minecraft 1.5.2 Cracked/Free ~AutoInstaller~ ~Multiplayer~
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Minecraft cracked 1.5.2 152 new free multiplayer smp tagcraft tagcraftmc autoinstaller online

2013-05-05 05:35:18 GMT


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TagCraftMCs Official 1.5.2 Minecraft client! With Rei's Mini Map.

Our client is super simple to install.

- Download the Torrent.
- Run the installer.
- Use the Play Minecraft shortcut on the desktop.
- Choose your name and press Start Minecraft.

- ~~~~ Multiplayer TagCraftMC ~~~~~
- Click Multiplayer.
- Click TagCraftMC then the Join Server button.
- Once connected you will need to register your name with /register passwordhere    (Example /register iloveminecraft11)
- Then login with the password you created. /login passwordhere (Example /login iloveminecraft11)

If you have any problems, please open the Client Help and Info file or hover over the Rules, Guides and TOS button on the top of our website at Also everything on the launcher has a tooltip telling you what it does, just mouse over it for a few seconds.

On our website we also offer and Online Cracked Client for those unable to use the installer (Mac OS ect), this allows you to play Cracked Minecraft from our website, just hover over the "Download or Play Online" button and click Play Online link.
Due to our superfast release of this client we are unable to distribute it with reis minimap or the HD texture pack for 1.5.1.

Our server is already in the server list but if you forget it or deleted it, here is the address again
If you have any questions please feel free to post on our forums at

Picture of our Client -

Enjoy the Client and hope to see you on our server soon :) - If you like Minecraft buy it!


Great upload; works perfect; runs great. 5/5
If you are looking for a 1.5.2 that works... this is it. Thank you to MoJang and TagCraft for an awsome crack/upload.
Does this let the play play on any multiplayer server that doesn't have the verify accounts option active in the config file? Or does it force you to only play on the tagcraft server?
Sorry for the late reply WD-i, but yes you can play any offline server you want. We do not force you to only play our server.
Now crack and upload 1.6.1 please. Thank you.
We are working on it now. I have very slow connection -_- Our 1.6.1 has a new launcher.