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Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood English Dub(1-64)
Video > TV shows
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Full Metal Alchemist Fullmetal
2013-01-12 04:53:21 GMT

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All 64 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I couldn't find a torrent with them all in one so I compiled my own.


This torrent is great so far. All are English dubbed, from what I can tell. I have not watched them all yet. Audio and video are great as well. This series is terribly hard to get in English, and has a great plot that I would rather not read through subs to understands. Thanks for the torrent!
please seed.. download very slow..
Download was pretty fast for me. Thanks for this, wish it was 720p but im happy with how it is atleast.
Is this in japaness for some odd reason i cant watch anime in english just dosnt sound that great.... so is it in japaness? with english subs?

Always check on the top of the torrent info, it will typically tell you what the spoken language(s) and subtitle(s) are in the torrent.

So look up on the top of this page, look under the Type, Files, Size, and Info column, it says:
Spoken language(s): English

This means this torrent is English Dubbed.

There is no column for subtitles, which means there is no english or japanese subtitles.

Look through the other torrents, check the top of the page like I just explained to you.
Dubbed as said in the title, videos are of great quality, even though there are several different formats.
The only problem with this upload has to be the fact that it's dubbed =P
Even still, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood English Dub 1 to 64, amazing quality.
thx great series, way better than the original
I know as a rule, subfans are right, dubs suck. But Funimation really justified their existence with Full Metal. The dub is great, if not fantastic.
I just dislike that Ed was switched out in FMAB, but this torrent is fantastico. Good job cricket.
Thanks for the upload.Please seed Guys.
Absolutely amazing! Watched all episodes in english. Great audio quality, I like the english voices. (It is english only, the only subs are for the jap opening/ending credits).

can u upload the movies if u have them please
This is a decent Torrent, 16/64 episodes are in FLV format, those are pretty terrible quality in both audio and video. The rest are MP4, and in 480p with decent audio. I decided to get this Torrent instead of a 20GB or more HD version. If you want high quality then this isn't the Torrent for you, but if you don't mind the quality then this is perfect.