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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Activation problem - SOLVED
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2012-10-21 17:23:06 GMT

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If you have problem with activation, after blocking game in firewall, use this little trick... :)


If you still have problem, tell me here.
my problem is the activation key
i've blocked the program but i still get the ''demo has ended'' sign i dont know whats wrong
I highly recommended do it before you game block CD Key.
Can anyone confirm?
I dont trust this, yet.
I have a problem with the activation code I need to deliver it every time and during games so I put it on pause he asked me the activation code and it does not work thank you if you can help me
so far this works for me ;) good thinking Ellcz
Working...My problem was I continued to try internet radio ;)
it is true. If you connect in any way game to their site(internet that is) , they reset your activation code.That means one thing, the code is smuggled from their yard , that's why it works in the first place.(probably they count on the fact that stupid newb won't uncheck the gameplay options where internet features exist). If the ode wuld be genuine, it would have worked even with internet options ON, but it doesn't, does it?
I who play games for a long while I know those old triks so I am on level 10 and , so far, no issues with this game.
Não funcionou pra mim.
Bloqueei o jogo no firewall e fiz como dito.
Mesmo assim continua pedindo a ativação...

Did not work for me.
I blocked the game in firewall and did as told.
Still keeps asking for activation ...
If this worked for you, i'm happy. :) No problem. // I dont know.. I have problems too, but after some time, it worked. I dont know why, but... It worked :D
does not appear to hint how to solve the problem? My game is asking for the serial all the time please help al. Ja deactivated the firewall

Don't deactivate the firewall, block the game.
But how to block this game in windows 7?
works guys, if you have activation problems install comondo firewall (its free) and block eurotrucks2.exe
it's still not working
to function properly, windows 8 and windows 7, create a blocking rule in the firewall, inbound rule and rule out, so will have no problems. SORRY MY ENGLISH, I AM BRAZIL. GOOGLE TRANSLATE HEHEHE
It does not work. While not launch a crack, it will not do anything.
and what i am doing with this file.?
Doesn't work. I blocked the connection using a firewall, and started a new profile. Got to level 4 and it asked for activation. I hope for a crack.
tnx :))
It works :D
Just a text file and a picture in a .rar. No malicious items