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Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit OEM ISO. ACTIVATED
Applications > Windows
2.91 GiB (3120791552 Bytes)
windows vista oem iso
2012-10-14 17:34:17 GMT

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Windows vista home premium 32 bit oem iso. Install all updates after installation, no crack needed, no loader needed, no remove wat needed. Best 
Download iso file and burn to disc with free cd burner xp or otera program. 

Install as you would any other windows application on DVD. No Crack required.


Most of us remember the leak of windows ultimate Lenovo oem that happened immediately after release to manufacturing. Because the leak was released so soon, Microsoft and Lenovo had time to correct the leak as models were not shipped out yet. If the smart ass the made the Lenovo leak, waited a year before releasing it. Everyone could have had legit activated windows seven ultimate without need for loaders.

If you never heard of the vista leak from dell. It was the big dell leak of oem vista. This oem leak from dell disappeared from torrent sites everywhere as the pirate bay was down for a while and everyone else complied with notices of infringement and did takedowns.

Many a year later I noticed it was missing and thought seeing as I had it, why not reintroduce it to the world. This is what you are downloading here. IN the case of this leak, Microsoft and dell were unable to blacklist the oem right away as they did with Lenovo. The leak was too late and too many legit users had bought machines with the dell oem.

Again this is the oem you are downloading now. I had it up on another site and they are still taking it down through notices. Anyway FYI.
This OEM actually includes all vista 32 operating systems. There is a way that I have not figured out yet to unlock the cd to install any of the five vista operating systems. Maybe someone can made a positive comment and tell us how. ?
On a normal Vista installation, when you skip the serialnumber in the beginning of the installation, you will get the option to choose the edition you want to install and the check the box to accept that you are installing the edition you bought.
If you want to use another language you can download the Vistalizator and use this for non-english systems.
Downloaded a vista in .cue formate. but couldenĀ“t burn o use it. maby i did somthing wrong. I realy hope this one works :) Realy exited from what i have red here.
Yeah, it's not working for me either.

Using MagicISO. Verify Data. 2nd Burn. Tried it on 3 laptops.

2 HP Laptops, and a Lenovo laptop. Set my bios to boot from CD Rom first. I have a Windows 7 OEM, and it has worked several times that I got from here years ago. It's no longer available on tpb, THANK GOD.

It was the only 100% LEGIT ISO.

Now I have a friend that is having trouble with there WiFi. It will detect the wifi networks, connects, but will not go online, it says LOCAL ONLY. I've installed the drivers for the Laptop, NOTHING. Figured I'd come on here and see if there's any legit copies of Vista, most of the people say this is legit, it does look legit, it has boot files on it and everything. I'm burning a 2nd copy to Sony DVD-R. Verifing data, let's see if it helps.

I believe there's a way to point to the boot file in MagicISO to manually put the boot crap on the disk, so maybe I'll try that on my 3rd time burning to DVD-R. I also know how to create a Bootable USB Flash Drive. Maybe that'll be my 4th time, but I highly doubt that, there's absolutly no reason this shouldn't work, if most people on this torrent says it works. I've done video tutorials for YouTube and am well liked all over the world for what I know. I can do all kinds of things with software & hardware. I know how to build my own system, in fact, I've done so in the past many times. I've build Windows applications in VB.NET, I've hacked & modded games, I've used cheat engine, I've built FTP Applications, I've done this before many times, burning an OEM to DVD-R. Why isn't this being detected when the computer restarts.. Ya know.. the thing that says, Press any key to boot from CD/DVD ROM. I know how to change the hard disk from SATA to bla bla bla bla in the BIOS. Some hard drives are SATA or whatever and need to be changed to IDE. I have Deep Freeze STD, I don't use shitty virus protection software like Zone Alarm, Windows Defender, McAfee, etc. I know if this isn't booting, there is something wrong. Plus it was uploaded by "Anonymous". Oh yeah, and I also know to have my Protocol Encryption in uTorrent to be FORCED. Which means, ONLY ACCEPT ENCRYPTED CONNECTIONS. TPB is Encrypted when it sends data out to it's users, etc. I'm gonna try to see if it will boot. I know how to block programs from accessing the internet, using Firewall with advanced security, inbound & outbound rules. I know how to export my list so I can load the blocked programs on other computers. I AM NO NOOB. FAR FROM IT. It's done burning now. Let's see if the 2nd burn works. Please wait while windows starts for first time.. Installed from desktop btw. didn't boot it from restart. Installation was a success, didn't ask for a serial. need to install drivers. audio works, but most of the drivers need to be installed.

All done manually installing drivers. My wireless card still isn't able to go online but is connected to the damn wireless router, got a wifi signal, but connected locally only.

This copy of Microsoft Windows Vista is legit.

P.s. I don't like AMD Processors. Die Hard Intel Lover. This fucking HP laptop I'm working on is AMD.


WTF MAN !! Am I missing something here?
Warning: This torrent's ISO image is NOT BOOTABLE. Not possible to install.

Tried on burning to DVD and used on a laptop (with suitable boot order in BIOS), also tried in a virtual machine with ISO image, it does not boot.

The MD5 hash of the ISO image is:

Not a bad burn problem, but a bad torrent. Probably corrupt file from uploader's hard drive.

Junk. Do not download.
Not bootable.
also tried in a virtual machine with ISO image, it does not boot.

not bootable as of nov 2014 erase this and report as bad link
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