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Romance of the three Kingdoms ROTK romance of the three kingdoms
2012-06-03 01:58:30 GMT

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 Clone of the Japanese version. Description in First post.


Alright, so this is the Japanese Pc release of Romance of The Three Kingdoms 12, for all its fans in America. Now this is actually somebody elses torrent i got of a Vietnamese site so credits go to them. it may say zero seeds , but theres actually alot(good thing this wasnt a private torrent).
Um ill be posting more info as i get it.
1. Get google chrome.
2. Go to a site called gamevn, and translate the page.
3. Under Asian Games category in Rotk And Others the full installations and descriptions will be there. There is an English patch thank god, and ill link that up as soon as i get 12 here installed.
4. Im only doing this because i want to make sure this game gets somewhere into the Western market for torrent/gaming, and the fact that Koei is a terrible game marketing company, good games, lazy game designers, who dont want to sell to the west.
I actually played the Japanese and Chinese language version of this game as i understand both languages. The combat is bad and the overall feel is just very dumbed down. Lackluster title after waiting for so many years for 12.
I heard the game was closer to something like NA 12 style gameplay, if it sucks ill tell ya, but there is an english patch.
KOEI appears to be getting less lazy these days. DW7 XL was added to Steam's Content Description Record recently so it may very well be coming out in the west through Steam. Maybe if it sells well they'll do ROTK too.
can you give the dl for the english patch?
One get google chrome, i may be able to read chinese, but to heck with vietnamese. Two search on sites like gamevn where the english patches are prominent.
Three, for longtime fans of Koei's games, errr this one is shit. Nice visuals, artworks, decentish gameplay, but its a huge take away from Rotk 11. Its more like Nobunaga's Ambition series than anything, they got really lazy i guess and just smashed the NA engine with rotk.