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Game of Thrones Season One FULL
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game thrones full season complete
2012-05-28 18:52:32 GMT

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Game of Thrones Season One FULL given to you by TPBGreece :D You can now enjoy season one of your (and mine) favourite TV series for FREE!

Game of Thrones is an American medieval fantasy television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. The series is filmed at Paint Hall Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and on location—elsewhere in Northern Ireland and in Malta, Croatia, and Iceland.
The first season debuted in the U.S. on April 17, 2011. Two days later, it was picked up for a second season, which began airing on April 1, 2012. Nine days later, it was picked up for a third season.

Highly anticipated since its early stages of development, Game of Thrones has been very well received by viewers and critics. Season 1 was nominated for or won numerous awards, including Outstanding Drama Series for the Emmy Awards and Best Television Series – Drama at the 69th Golden Globe Awards. As Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film. Criticism aimed at the series has focused on its use of sex and nudity.


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Good torrent, although it's not HD, it's still pretty good. Now seeding. Thanks!
A&V=9. Ta
will someone please seed this??
i want it with greek subtitles. what can i do for that?
Took me a while to torrent this to do slow internet connection/lack of seeders & overall size.

Overall: 8.

Great torrent. Grats.
seed please
Could people seed please? I'm downloading at 3kb/s more thing to add to bananaman241's advice for 'tracking' also have to disable the [DHT], [LOCAL PEER DISCOVERY] & [PEER EXCHANGE] in the advanced options screen. And by the way, to all of you whining pussies out there if you don't want to deal with your imaginary illegal downloading issues then fuck off and go pay retail.
so I don't get all this tracking shit but id like it if some one could explain
because of the fact ive downloaded more then a shit load and haven't had any problem with tracking n all @Bananaman241
I will asked since no one has bothered to!

Does this version come with the Dothraki subs hard coded onto the video?

I want to watch this with my sister & I want to make sure she understands whats going on during the Dothraki scenes.
Imi going to give you guys a heads up. All the +++ reviews of this torrent are from retarded cock sucking ass licking faggots. The video quality of this torrent is a 5/10, anyone who says otherwise is a fucking nigger.
2/10 torrent, shit video quality, fuck you TPBGreece, you fucking faggot.
The video is decent, but the audio is messed up in a lot of spots having random sound clips where they don't belong. It makes watching it very unpleasant and confusing.
A: 9
V: 8

But for free, you can't get much better.

Thanks a bunch :)
V: 8 A: 9

But trust me, it's the best you're going to find on the internet, really. Not to mention that the subtitles are easily found as well.
The series is fucking amazing, I'm re-watching it for the fourth time, since the 4th season is coming soon.

Download it, and ENJOY!
love this show

Oh for fucks sake. I've been torrenting this for almost a day and entirely forgot to verify whether the contents are MP4 or some dumb format no one uses, I forgot some of the formats idiots out there use that aren't natively supported on everything like MP4 is (esp. h264 format, which is still probably the best of the best, ie: what YIFY use).

What format is this shit? And TPBGreece, wtf wouldn't you detail the files as opposed to copy pasting some lame blurb? C'mon dude, it's not hard.
Thx for the up,good quality but the show sucks.
isp hit me with copy right infringement be careful this torrent is being monitored by HBO download it anonymously.
Fuck someone just tell me if the Dothraki subs are hardcoded into the video!?
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