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Star Trek.TOS.Remastered.Bluray.720p.Ac3.Eng.Swe.sub.mkv
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52.81 GiB (56701881050 Bytes)

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English, Swedish
star trek remastered

2012-05-17 23:16:18 GMT


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       Star Trek.TOS.Remastered.Bluray.720p.348kbs Ac3.Eng.Swe.sub      


         Source          : Star trek TOS remastered Season 1.BD-Rip.900p
                         : Star trek TOS remastered Season 2.BD-Rip.900p

                         : Star trek TOS remastered Season 3.BD-Rip.900p

         Codec           : X264-MPEG-4AVC (part10) 

         Width           : 960

         Height          : 720

         Framerate       : 23.97

         Encoding        : Constant Quality RF:22 handbrake (high Profile)

         Container       : Mkv


         Codec           : Ac3

         BitRate         : 384 kbs

         Channels        : 5.1

         Language        : English

                 Subtitles: English, swedish



Oh my GOD!!! THANKS!!! :)
Wow! Just heard this was out, and lo and behold, someone has already paid the money and done the hard work! Thank you so much weedson! And BTW, 48 leechers and 27 seeders, and I am only the 2nd person to say thanks, very sad.
I want to tell you "Thank you,"
But it doesn’t seem enough.
Words don’t seem sufficient--
"Blah, blah" and all that stuff.

Please know I have deep feelings
About your generous act.
I really appreciate you;
You’re special, and that’s a fact!
Most seeders disappeared and now it's downloading really slow.

I'm about finishing downloading the first season and the speed is now lower than 10 KB/s, I don't know if I'll be able to download the other seasons because of this.

Seed please.
this is a great torrent and it was d/l'ing at 3.3MB/s for a while!
It's not doing that now, unfortunately. This is one of the slowest torrents I have ever experienced. At the current (LACK OF) speed, it will take over 6 weeks.
To all those complaining about the DL speed...stfu and deal with it, you're getting it for free! ...or would you rather pay for the collection.

Great UL tyvm. ill seed for 2-3 weeks
Yep, crazy slow, but I'm not bitching. Hopefully it will all trickle in eventually, and I'll seed this for a good long while. Very disappointed in Trekkers that won't put a little skin in the game. Thanks for this weedson, I'm really looking forward to it.
very good quality!
I think these are the best you will find

(I hope he does TNG...)
major original d/l of ST:TOS contained half of the eps of S1, some porn and the rest were just bad quality, so thankyou!
Top Notch

Thank You
Does this have the unaired version of Where No Man Has Gone Before?
No. No bonus materials are included.
Fast or slow, I don't care, THANK YOU for this torrent. I will really buy this in a few months, but I want to take a look first, since it's a lot of money... At least here in my country. So thanks for the work, and the bother, and the generosity.
tyvm great up rock on
This is actually the best version out there.
Thanks so much for the upload!
thank you so much, but is this the version with the "updated" special effects replacing the original "tacky" effects? I personally prefer the original look for both authenticity and nostalgia!
Well, if it was tacky, it wouldn't be 52 gigs of our attention. :) Look for the ones that are NOT remastered if you want tacky.

Keep up the good weedson. You'll have a special place in my heart.
do it one season at a time, and it will download in a fast pace, i do that because you can watch a season while the next one downloads, so your not waiting for it do it all at once, that takes wayyyyy longer
Perfect. Wonderful. Gorgeous colors.
I'm flabbergasted...
Gazillion thanks to the uploader. A really great rip in awesome video and audio quality (10/10).
And, as there were complaints about the dowload speed in the comments, took me about 12 hours to download the whole 53 GB, that is more than fair.
weedson : this is out of space, no final frontier!
Superb ,dank U wel.
Space, no final frontier!

Superb quality

Thanks from Vulcan :dank U wel.

Thank you weedson. I will seed for one month.
Thank You for this. Any chance of getting a 1080p blueray rip?
Most excellent !!! Thanx to the OP and seeders who keep this alive ! For the record, the payload is the Truly Remastered Star Trek TOS, w/ enhanced effects shots ! Live long and prosper !!