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Fiendish Tentacles 4.flv.
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Fiendish Tentacles 4.flv.

Description: This is the complete shorter version of Fiendish Tentacles #4 part one and two are combined and shortened down to tell the complete story: The Super Fiend is back! And this time it has created the Spawn fiend, half human half alien squid monster hybrid. Jasmine Starr is a nurse at the hospital looking for Dr. Bergman who turns into the Spawn of the fiend, his octopus face scares away Jasmine who runs into the other room only to find the Super Fiend waiting for it’s next victim. The Super fiend attacks her while the Spawn of the fiend breaks through the door and makes the nurse suck his dick along with the tentacles. Soon it’s an all out assault by both creatures on the nurse as her clothes get pulled off and the tentacles start violating as she stuggles soaked in Alien slime. she tries to struggle her way out of the Tentacles grip, but somehow she is and is getting turned on by some of the frenzy around her, in some parts she even talks dirty as she sucks the Spawns cock and tentacles. Finally the monsters their cum all over her face and body as she gets covered from head to toe in cum while slipping and sliding on the liquid as she slowly gets sucked into the mouth of the super fiend and the spawn helps by pushing her in, as she becomes the next meal for the Super fiend.


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