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An outstanding book!!!!! 100% on target

Two-thirds of the book is devoted to his awakening on the most important issue of our time: RACE. He offers compelling evidence that belief in racial equality is the modern scientific equivalent of believing that the earth is flat. Duke offers proof that the disciples of the new religion of racial egalitarianism have suppressed the evidence of racial differences in the mass media. In a startling chapter, he reveals how America?s Founding Fathers, including the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and who gave us our Constitution?s Bill of Rights, Thomas Jefferson, had opinions on race opposite of what is popularly perceived. David Duke goes on to show the irrepressible influence of race on the rise and fall of civilizations, and why the changing racial demographics of America and Europe, if left unchecked, will destroy the values and viability of Western Civilization.

In a major section of his book, David Duke offers compelling evidence (primarily from Jewish sources) that a prominent segment of Jewry promotes what he calls ?Jewish supremacism." He is careful to point out that this supremacist segment does not include all Jews, but that this supremacist element dominates the leading Jewish religious and social organizations. They support Israel, which is clearly a Jewish supremacist state, complete with ethnic cleansing, segregation, and discrimination against the original Palestinian inhabitants. Duke maintains that not only do these organized Jewish groups seek supremacy in Israel, but also pursue hegemony in the major nations of the world through media domination and political influence.

My Awakening is a powerful autobiographical account of David Duke's evolution from a typical American son to one of the most controversial political leaders in the world. His compelling story takes us from his early life and love of the wetlands and forests of south Louisiana to his activism for the rights and heritage of European Americans. It recounts his political victory in the House of Representatives from Louisiana, and his subsequent amazing races for the U.S. Senate and Governorship that won him a landslide of White voters (over 60%) even though he was vastly out spent and attacked relentlessly by a hostile media.

Chapter 1  An American Son

Chapter 2  Sanctuary in Books and Nature

Chapter 3 Transformation of a son of the South

Chapter 4  Race and Reason

Chapter 5 “ A Question of Intelligence

Chapter 6 Heredity or Environment

Chapter 7  Race and Intelligence

Chapter 8 The Roots of Racial Difference

Chapter 9 “ The Evolution of Race

Chapter 10 Race in History

Chapter 11 Race in Society

Chapter 11 (Part II)  Race in Society

Chapter 12  The Rising Tide of Color

Chapter 13  Sex and Society

Chapter 13 (Part II)  Sex and Society

Chapter 14  The Jewish Question

Chapter 15 The Roots of Jewish Supremacism

Chapter 16 Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Chapter 17 Jews Communism and Civil Rights

Chapter 18  Jewish Media Supremacy

Chapter 19  Jewish Media Supremacy

Chapter 20  The Roots of Anti-Semitism I: Economic Exploitation

Chapter 21 “ The Roots of Anti-Semitism II: Crime and Treachery

Chapter 22 Israel I: A Jewish Supremacist State

Chapter 23  Israel II: Supremacism Through Terror

Chapter 24  Israel III: Terror and Treachery Against America!

Chapter 25 A Holocaust Inquiry

Chapter 26  Jewish Led Invasion

Chapter 27  Jewish Evolutionary Strategy and Claims of Jewish Superiority

Chapter 28  My Beginning Activism

Chapter 29 “ LSU White Tiger

Chapter 30  Around the World

Chapter 31  My Indian Odyssey: A ghost from India Haunts me still

Chapter 32  A Taste of Israel

Chapter 33 Greece: A Celebration of Life

Chapter 34  Europe and Home

Chapter 35  In the Belly of the Beast

Chapter 36 Knights of the KKK

Chapter 37  The Klan Rises

Chapter 38 The Grand Dragon and the Jewish Psyche

Chapter 39  Disillusionment and New Directions

Chapter 40 Political Victory!

Chapter 41  An Aryan Vision

Chapter 42 What We Must Do Now

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