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Fate/Stay Night Visual novel + patches
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fate visual novel typemoon fate/stay night gar
2009-05-26 23:17:53 GMT

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This is just a torrent of the visual novel Fate/Stay Night by Typemoon I made for a friend.

It contains the plain game folder ( no install ) with

- the translation patch from mirrormoon

- the voices patch

- and the realta nua pics patch ( v2.0 )

I'll keep seeding if I see other people downloading it.


I forgot to mention, for those who don't know about this game :

there are a few sex scenes.


i means, fully voiced?
Thanks so much!
Excuse me but for some reason it will not let me access the Heaven's Feel route due to me not getting the Taking Sakura Home thing that allows me to get the required "points" can someone please help me?
My bad false alarm. Kinda new to Visual Novels and stuff sorry if I was a bother guys. ^^;
this is the realta nua right? but without the removed H-scenes? may I ask again; Does this have the realta nua Fate route avalon epilogue? sorry for asking such a question...
OK, I read on wikipedia that this is originally an adult game, but was later rereleased as "realta nua" as a pg13 version. Is the "realta nua" in this download optional or already pre-applied? Also there was someone who was complaining that the pictures are censored, and OP said that there's no uncensored version. Did OP mean that even the original version is censored or is the original version uncensored but OP is just not aware of it?
Hey, I seem not to be able in all my technological ineptness, to be able to open up the game. I've opened the rar. file but I don't know what do do next. If someone is able to, an explanation of how to open the game on either mac or Pc would be great. Thanks
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