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The Black Phillip Show with Patrice Oneal
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SNV Black Phillip Show Patrice Oneal
2008-07-30 17:19:38 GMT
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Patrikipedia: Patrice Oneal is a regular visitor to the Opie and Anthony program on XM Satellite Radio's Channel 202, The Virus. He often sits in on the program when third-mic Jimmy Norton is away.

Beginning in March 2006, Oneal began hosting an uncensored relationship advice show on XM Satellite Radio. He hosts the program on select Saturday nights when he is not performing stand-up. The three-hour program became known as "The Black Phillip Show", in a parody of Dr. Phil's show. The show runs on XM's The Virus. Dante Nero co-hosts, and a rotating cast of female comedians have played third mic.

This is every Black Phillip show I could find, from March '06 June '08 - 13 episodes (365 MB) in 24k commercial-free mp3 (the last 6 are 32k). Enjoy!


goose does it all.

gets my vote for 'most self-less uploader' on these here internets.
thank you so much goose u are the fucking man
Bless you, Patrice is like the other father I should have had!
Yes God! Thank you. Patrice is my guru.
does anyone know who the co-host was with partice on the 5-17-08 show. not his regular with dante, but the other one that partice refers to as a grand pimp. said he wrote some books....might be worth a read?

i want to say its jim geraldo, but i dont think thats correct

thanks goose
I believe Jeffrey Gurian is the grand pimp you speak of.
Here I am july of '09 and I just discovered it. It's unanimous that Patrice is a consumate Pimp with much to share/teach...But... If Patrice gets a chance to do this again, PLZ don't invite that frozen cunt Kathlene back. She ruined the show.
TY MG :)

So glad that retard company canceled this show. It's not like it was good or anything. Fuckin idiots wouldn't know a good show if it smacked them in the face.

BTW: Seed u greedy fuckin degenerates, I have a 75:1 ratio on this and all i see is leeching scumbags just grab it and bounce. There are other people that may want to listen to it as well.

Thanks again MG :) So much goodness has been spread by you and Shuz.
R.I.P mothergoose56
I will never stop seeding this
6/23 and 10/6 are the same at different bitrates i was hoping for a missing episode :(
well we know you can't have more... BUUUUUT Dante has taken it upon himself to keep the pimp torch burning where Patrice left off and started Beige Phillip last year. some good shit i recommend you guys follow and listen and GYBB (get your balls back) or shark teeth, or whatever.

Thank you mothergoose56! you helped to save my life.
Thank you! I've been watching a lot of these YouTube and decided to take them to work with me.