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[PC][RIP] Spore Creature Creator [FULL][Cracked]
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2008-07-01 08:53:05 GMT

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Porstar 1911 presents
a Porstar 1911 RIP

                             Spore Creature Creator

Ripped: Nothind (Full Game)
Added: Crack (you can play 4 ever)

1.Run Spore Creature Creator.exe and extract it 
2.It's all explained in the Porstat.txt 
3.RUN the included RegEntry or else it will not work

Don't remove after you finish downloading



Tip: Disconnect when entering serial or the setup might prompt to enter it again.
Wrong comment delete plz!
DasmX86Dll.dll not found wth? HELP!!!!
DasmX86Dll.dll not found. So I couldn't run this. Could I get some help here? I would really like to try this game. *sigh*
works perfectly :D
When i click on the game ... It comes up with "Enter your Registration Code here" .. And its all ready done for you saying "48LU2Z9FD7OIW67MHVTY" so i click done and it comes back up again .. then i keep on doing and it doesn't help .... What do i do?
what is your Email adress? I need to login.
How do I login to my own account?
Waaaa.. How Can I make it work?
guys please seed
nice. 1.2mb/s dl speed. great game :)
i cant log in with your email: [email protected] and your password:asdfghjkl

and i cant make my own account it say i dont have the proper rights to do it?? HELPPP pleasee?
Umm... it says it couldn't run the "Spore Reg Data (Must Run).reg" because it wasn't found. What might the problem be here?
Hey, Porstar

I love the game its so RAD!!!
I've given it to so many of my friends, but... :(
when we would save our creature we could see them for some reason is there anything that we can do?? Plz we need your help!
how can I play offline, that i dont have to create an account?? I registered but it just gives me an error
I cant Register.... or log in with your stuff..... ;-; what do i do?
For all of you with registration issues, there should be a "Cancel" button right next to "Register." I clicked that and I made a creature without having to login.
It does work...Though is it suppose to be in Russian?! bcuz i fucking hate russian, is there any way to change the language?
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